Can You Visit Stull Cemetery?

The historic cemetery connections with the occult have brought forth unwanted attention, with many visiting the graveyard for a glimpse of any paranormal events that may happen. This has led to a rapid deterioration of the site, prompting the owners to close the cemetery for most of the days. Police have also stepped up their patrol in the area, particularly during the night. Signs stating “NO TRESPASSING” can also be found along the fences of the cemetery.

That said, the Stull Cemetery is still open for visitation when the gates are opened (mostly during the day) although you might be subjected to a check by the owners or the police to ensure that your reason for visiting the cemetery is valid.

Any trespassers caught inside the cemetery after it is closed could face a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. This however, have not stopped some from jumping over the fences and sneaking into the property after dark. Already, several individuals have been caught entering the Stull Cemetery after nightfall although all of them only received a warning.

Stull Cemetery and the Devil

The rumors of Stull Cemetery and its dealings with the Devil was popularized in an article in the November 1974 Issue of The University Daily Kansan, a student newspaper by the University of Kansas. The article titled “Legend of Devil Haunts Tiny Town” alleged that Stull Cemetery is home to a portal to Hell, and was frequented by the Devil twice a year.

The article soon went viral, attracting hordes of paranormal fans and daring teenagers to visit the mysterious Stull Cemetery. In 1988, a crowd of over 500 people gathered at the gates of Stull Cemetery on Halloween midnight to catch a glimpse of the Devil; he never showed up.

The Stull Church

The history of the abandoned stone church dates back to 1867 when it was erected on a hillside within Stull Cemetery. The church, said to have housed a portal created by the Devil to connect Earth and Hell, was rumored to be built by the Satanists to masquerade the dark truth and avoid attention. The legend goes on to say that every year during Halloween and the first day or spring (“spring equinox”) the Devil would ascend to Stull Cemetery via the portal to visit the grave of a witch whom the Satan had a child with.

After the church’s roof was blown off by a storm, visitors claimed that rain no longer fell into the hollowed building as it was ‘sheltered by a dark force that protected the Devil’s portal’

Stull Church in Stull cemetery
Stull Church in Stull Cemetery | Image credits: Washburn University

Many who have spent the night at the church reported hearing weird noises resembling nails being clawed across a wooden planks. Some driving pass the cemetery at night claimed to have heard howling of the werewolves, reportedly to signal the arrival of the Devil. A wooden crucifix that hangs in one of the church’s walls is thought to turn upside-down whenever someone enters the church.

In March 2002, the church was mysteriously knocked down. Tracks near the site suggested that demolition equipments was used to push the walls down into the middle of the church. Days later, John Haase, a local resident who co-owns Stull Cemetery with two other residents, revealed that he had authorized the demolition as the remaining walls were very unstable and posed a danger to anyone who enters the abandoned building.

The “Wittich” Tombstone

The “Wittich” (Witch) tombstone is closely associated with an ancient tree that once stood in the cemetery. The tree, also known as the “Hanging Tree” by the locals, is said to be a former execution ground for condemned witches who were put to death by the townspeople. Most sources suggest that the tree was cut down in 1998 to prevent anyone from attempting to do any ‘silly’ re-enactments.

Stull Cemetery Wittch
The Wittch’s (Witch’s) Grave in Stull Cemetery | Image credits: MzOpinion8d @Reddit

The “Wittch” tombstone is said to be the resting place of a witch and a child—born deformed and with wolf-like skin—that Satan fathered.

The Pope Would Not Fly Over Stull Cemetery

This popular rumor says that the grounds of Stull Cemetery is so evil that even the Pope would not dare fly over it.

The history of this legend traces back to 1993 when Pope John Paul II was flying to the state of Colorado for a public appearance. It is claimed that the Pope forced his private plane to make a detour around the tiny town of Skull as the air above Stull Cemetery was tainted by evil.

This rumor have not been confirmed or debunked due to a lack of evidence to substantiate the claims.

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