Haunted Places in Florida

Hauntings at Vinoy Renaissance Resort | Florida

Apart from its rich history, Vinoy Renaissance Resort has had an old reputation for paranormal activities since the 1950s. The sports industry, particuarly the baseball teams, has been a leading victim of such strange events as the hotel was the primary choice for many Major League Baseball (MLB) teams visiting St. Petersburg.

History of Marianna’s Bellamy Bridge | Florida

Numerous hauntings have been reported around the bridge. These include the manifestation of a headless driver that meanders along the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail on his ghostly wagon.

Haunted History of Don CeSar Hotel | Florida

The history of the haunted Don CeSar Hotel began in 1924 when Thomas Rowe acquired plots of land along St. Petersburg Beach in hopes of building a “pink castle.” Rowe, an accomplished real estate mogul in Florida, built the now iconic resort in memory of Luicinda, a young opera singer whom he met in London. …

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All You Need About Robert the Doll in Key West, Florida

Are you a fan of the infamous Robert the Doll? Here are a list of questions that you may have about the doll that have earned its named as the most haunted object in Florida.

How Old Is Robert the Doll? [2022]

As of 2021, Robert the Doll is 117 years old, making it one of the oldest haunted doll in the United States. The toy was a birthday gift from the grandfather of Robert Eugene Otto, an author and painter, who purchased it in 1904 while on a trip in Germany. An alternate version of the legend says that a young girl of Bahamian descent gave Otto the doll when he was 4-years-old as a friendship gift, albeit a cursed one.