Haunted Places in Florida

riddle house at yesteryear village

The Haunted History of Florida’s Riddle House

Nestled in West Palm Beach, Florida lies the infamous Riddle House, an inconspicuous structure that has stood still for the past century. Far more than an architectural relic from the early 1900s, this house serves as a nexus where historical importance and supernatural legends converge. Originally serving as a funeral parlor and later the residence …

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Vinoy Renaissance Resort entrance

Hauntings at Vinoy Renaissance Resort | Florida

Apart from its rich history, Vinoy Renaissance Resort has had an old reputation for paranormal activities since the 1950s. The sports industry, particuarly the baseball teams, has been a leading victim of such strange events as the hotel was the primary choice for many Major League Baseball (MLB) teams visiting St. Petersburg.

Bellamy Bridge steel structure

History of Marianna’s Bellamy Bridge | Florida

Numerous hauntings have been reported around the bridge. These include the manifestation of a headless driver that meanders along the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail on his ghostly wagon.

Don Cesar facade

Haunted History of Don CeSar Hotel | Florida

The history of the haunted Don CeSar Hotel began in 1924 when Thomas Rowe acquired plots of land along St. Petersburg Beach in hopes of building a “pink castle.” Rowe, an accomplished real estate mogul in Florida, built the now iconic resort in memory of Luicinda, a young opera singer whom he met in London. …

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Robert the doll east martello museum

All You Need About Robert the Doll in Key West, Florida

Are you a fan of the infamous Robert the Doll? Here are a list of questions that you may have about the doll that have earned its named as the most haunted object in Florida.