Haunted Places in Georgia

The Macabre Grim Reaper at Bonaventure Cemetery

Yes, visitors with a vehicle are able to drive around the 103-acre large Bonaventure Cemetery. In fact, visitors are encouraged to drive into the site to get a full view of the cemetery grounds. Also, many of the notable graves such as the monument of Gracie Watson and tomb of Johnny Mercer are located towards the back of Bonaventure Cemetery, half a mile away from the entrance.

Room 414, the Most Haunted Room in Marshall House

Room 414 is said to be the most haunted room in the Marshall House hotel. The hauntings date back to a renovation work in 1999 when workers reported a foul smell emitting from several rooms, of which room 414 was the worst.

Ghosts of Colonial Park Cemetery | Savannah

Rated by USA Today and CNBC as one of the most haunted city in the United States, Savannah have attracted throngs of thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators to its vast number of haunted spots. Colonial Park Cemetery in particular, is one of the most popular haunted destination due to the countless reported sightings and ghostly videos posted online.

Popular Events at Oakland Cemetery

Regular events are being held at Oakland Cemetery to give visitors a glimpse into the graveyard’s history well as learn more about the politicians and luminaries buried here. The most popular event held at the cemetery is none other than the annual “Capturing the Spirit of Oakland” Halloween tours. The event first started in 2007 …

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Ghost of Mercer William House Museum

Many who have visited Mercer William House believe that the mansion is now haunted by those who have passed away on the property. Some of the ghostly activities reported include disembodied voices, large heavy footsteps, and doors slamming shut on their own. Neighbours of the property have also said that music can occasionally be heard in the house; former owner Jim Williams was known to have thrown lavish, wild parties while staying at the historic property.