Haunted Places in Idaho

shoshone ice caves water flowing

Getting From Twin Falls to Shoshone Ice Cave | Idaho

The Shashone Ice Cave is a natural wonder that have grown to become a popular destination among visitors visiting Idaho. In particular, many choose to visit Twin Falls and make a side trip to the Shoshone Ice Caves which is located 45 miles away from the city.

Old Idaho Penitentiary gallows

The Deadly Gallows at Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Prior to the construction of the Gallows room at Cell House 5, executions of inmate was carried out at the penitentiary’s rose garden. Apart from being the test garden for rose company Jackon & Perkins, the garden was used for the periodic executions of inmates. From 1901 to 1926, a total of six inmates where hung at rose garden. The wooden gallows was eventually torn down in 1934 by the penitentiary warden after it was deemed to be a ‘bad influence’ to inmates.