Haunted Places in Maryland

Blair Witch illustration

ls the Blair Witch Project Real or Fake?

The release of The Blair Witch Project in 1999 led to a heated discussion among filmgoers as many had believed that Blair Witch and the disappearance of the three student filmmakers were real. However, the entire movie is entirely fictional. The story of the three student filmmakers, Robin Weaver, and Rustin Parr were completely made up by Julia Fair, producer of The Blair Witch Project.

paw paw tunnel early days

Hauntings at Paw Paw Tunnel, Maryland

Due to the troubled history of the defunct Paw Paw Tunnel, many say that it is now haunted by those who have toiled and ‘fought’ to complete the tunnel. Ethnic tension between immigrant workers from Germany, England, and Ireland led to frequent, all-out clashes both in and outside of the tunnel. This is compounded by …

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