Haunted Places in Massachusetts

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Is the Omni Parker House in Boston Haunted? | Massachusetts

Over the years, Omni Parker House has developed a notorious reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in Maine. Countless guests who have checked in to the historic hotel have reported inexplicable events happening along the hallways as well as the rooms.

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History of the Haunted Houghton Mansion in North Adams

The history of the haunted Houghton Mansion dates back to the 1890s when it was commissioned by Albert Charles Houghton, the first Mayor of North Adams, Massachusetts. Mr. Houghton was a business magnate who owned several companies such as the Houghton Chemical Works, Parker Mill, North Pownal Manufacturing Company and more notably, Arnold Print Works. When North Adams was incorporated as a city in 1895, Mr. Houghton was unanimously voted as the first mayor of the town.

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Hauntings at Hoosac Tunnel

Hoosac Tunnel is believed to be haunted by workers who have perished during the construction of the tunnel. The most widely known haunting of Hoosac Tunnel is the ghostly sighting of the 13 men who perished in the tunnel during an explosion in October of 1867. Days after the incident, villagers living nearby would report seeing ghosts of miners walking through the mountains. The apparitions would appear and disappear in flashes, leaving no sound or footprints.

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Is the House of the Seven Gables Haunted?

The House of the Seven Gables novel have widely suggested that the mansion was haunted by ghost and spirits that would go on to plague the fictional Pyncheon family for generations. Contrary to popular belief, the actual house is not haunted. There were also no official records of deaths that have happened in the 17th century home.

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How Did Lizzie Borden Die?

Lizzie Borden passed away on June 1, 1927 from pneumonia, an infection of the air sacs in one or both lungs. Her illness comes after the removal of her gall bladder, which may have caused complications after the surgery.