Day: October 14, 2021

Lester Gillis Baby Face Nelson mugshot

Famous Inmates at Joliet Prison

Over the years, many notable inmates have spend the time at the century old Joliet Prison. One of them was notorious bank robber Lester Joseph Gillis. Gillis was commonly known as Baby Face Nelson due to his small stature and juvenile appearance. Nelson started his life in crime in his early teens, involving himself in …

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Arlington Hotel resort Spa

Is the Arlington Hotel Haunted?

Multiple paranormal sightings and experiences by guests of the hotel have concluded that the Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa is indeed haunted. Many who have spent the night at the hotel have reported paranormal happenings such as ghostly laughters and disembodied voices. It is claimed that Room 666 was deliberately renamed to Room 667 as guests have reported numerous strange activities in the room. The piano at lobby bar is also said to play by itself after midnight; it has since been removed to avoid causing any unnecessary hysteria.