All About the Haunted Crybaby Bridge in Salem, Ohio

The concept of a “Crybaby Bridge” is deeply rooted in American folklore, and Ohio is no stranger to this phenomenon. Across the United States, there are several bridges that claims the “Crybaby” title; each has its own haunting narrative of tragic loss and eerie encounters.

From spectral cries in the dead of night to unsettling apparitions, these bridges captivate the imagination and beckon the curious to explore their myths.

One of the most notable Crybaby Bridges in America is none other than the iron bridge along Egypt Road in Salem, Ohio. his article aims to delve into the eerie lore surrounding Salem’s Crybaby Bridge, exploring its history, the tales that have been woven around it, and its impact on the community.

History of Ohio’s Crybaby Bridge

The legend of the the Crybaby Bridge in Salem traces back to the 1930s when a couple was in a heated quarrel over family matters while picnicking close to the bridge. In an unfortunate event, their young toddler wandered to the bridge and slipped into the frigid waters below. Consumed by their own argument, the couple remained oblivious to the desperate cries of their child.

crybaby bridge in salem facade
Salem’s Crybaby Bridge | Source: Ghostlight Paranormal Ohio Facebook Page

Another legend speaks of a woman who gives birth to a child out of wedlock and fell into depression. Despaired, the women takes the tragic step of ending her and her child’s life at the iron bridge.

The stories gained popularity over the years and soon, it became a hangout spot among youngsters and investigators. During the 1980s, the place also became a popular spot for cult activities. Visitors reported seeing groups of individuals mingling in and around the bridge.

In 2010, a brutal murder was unearthed just near the bridge; an elderly women named Ardes Bauman was strangled to death and burned. This is the first homicide in the township and till this day, remains as an unsolved case. Some surmised that this may have been the result of a satanic ritual, while others believe it is a kidnap gone wrong.

Today, the bridge has been closed off to the public. However, visitors can still visit the Crybaby Bridge for a view of its iron facade and haunted past.

Hauntings at the Bridge

Since the 1950s, visitors to the bridge have heard unexplained cries of an infant or young child, particularly during the late-night hours. This bridge Salem is unique in that the cries of the baby can be heard even in broad daylight, unlike the tales of other Crybaby Bridge you may know.

Beyond just eerie sounds, some claim to have seen apparitions, felt sudden changes in temperature, or experienced an overwhelming sense of dread. Several old ropes can be found hanging on the bridge, fuelling myths of suicide albeit there are no official documentation of suicide cases on the bridge.

mist in ohio crybaby bridge
Ghostly mist outside of Salem’s Crybaby Bridge | Source: Ghostlight Paranormal Ohio Facebook Page

Others also reported seeing a dark figure along Egypt Road as well as by the bridge. Some believe that it is the ghost of the parent who lost the child in the tragic incident. He is sometimes referred to as the Dark Man of the Woods, as reported by Kimberly Mitchell, a local paranormal historian

After its popularisation as a haunted spot, several ghost hunting expeditions have been initiated by local paranormal society in an attempt to verify the chilling myths surrounding the bridge.

Directions to the Bridge

The bridge is not located on the section of Egypt Road that is opened cars. it is situated on a part of the road that has been closed off, approximately around the 2200 block of N. Egypt Road.

The address of Salem’s Crybaby Bridge is Egypt Rd, Ohio 44460, USA while the exact coordinates are 40.929771, -80.830024.

To visit the Salem’s Crybaby Bridge, travel northbound on Egypt road and the bridge can be seen to the right, just past a rusty metal barrier designed to prevent vehicles from entering the area where the bridge now is.

In order to reach the bridge, you need to park somewhere near the metal barrier and walk through the woods. Note that it may be considered trespassing as you are entering the area without permission.

Closing Thoughts

The phenomenon of Crybaby Bridges has long captured the American imagination, byt Salem’s Crybaby Bridge in Ohio is different. Unlike many other haunted bridges that restrict their ghostly activities to the cloak of night, this bridge dares to be different, allegedly allowing visitors to hear its unsettling cries even in the middle of the day.

Whether or not one believes in the supernatural occurrences reported, the haunting tales of the Crybaby Bridge will undoubtedly continue to allure a new generation of thrill-seekers, storytellers, and possibly even skeptics.

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