All About the Haunted MarQueen Hotel in Seattle

In the heart of Seattle’s charming Queen Anne neighborhood, lies an opulent structure that has withstood the test of time. Dating back to 1918, the historic MarQueen Hotel stands as a living tapestry of the city’s rich history.

However, there’s more to this boutique hotel than meets the eye; rumors and anecdotes suggest that its vintage corridors might be hosting more than just living guests. Tales of flickering lights, strange noises, and ethereal figures have led many to believe that the MarQueen Hotel is haunted.

In fact, it was voted by Yelp as the top 10 best haunted hotel in Seattle, Washington. But what is the history behind this supposedly haunted building, and what are the encounters that guests have experienced during their stay here?

Join us as as we peel back the layers of this iconic hotel’s storied—and some say, haunted—past.

History of MarQueen Hotel

Built in 1918 along Queen Anne Avenue, the MarQueen hotel first served as the Seattle Engineering School, housing students and employees working at the nearby Ford Model T assembly plant.

During a period when Seattle was burgeoning as a hub for the auto and shipbuilding industries, the MarQueen provided a utilitarian purpose—facilitating the education and accommodation of students and workers critical to these sectors.

Marqueen hotel as seattle engineering school
Students posing in former Seattle Engineering School | Source: MarQueen Hotel official website

As the industries changed and the Ford Model T became a thing of the past, the building underwent significant transformations. It eventually transited its role from an educational center into a boutique hotel in 1998. The transformation represented a broader shift in Seattle’s economic landscape as the city moved from an industrial hub to a diverse urban center known for technology, arts, and tourism.

Over the years, the hotel have underwent several rounds of renovation to maintain its historic integrity while adapting to the modern, luxurious comforts. Today, the decor of MarQueen Hotel features an intriguing blend of vintage and contemporary elements, offering guests (and ghostly visitors) a unique lodging experience that bridges past and present.

Hauntings at the Hotel

What adds to the hotel’s unique history is its rumored haunted past. Stories of eerie occurrences, unexplained noises, and ghostly presences have been whispered through its halls since its opening as a hotel.

Sounds of footsteps in empty hallways, mysterious knocks on doors when no one is outside, and strange creaks and groans are often reported. While some are attributed to drunk guests and rowdy visitors, many of the incidents remain unexplained.

marqueen hotel ghostly structure
Halloween decoration in MarQueen Hotel | Source: MarQueen Hotel

The most notorious spots in the hotel is none other than the third floor. Some visitors have reported seeing figures in period clothing wandering the halls or standing in their rooms. These apparitions often disappear upon a second glance and are believed by some to be the spirits of former hotel guests and chamber maids who till this day, yearned to spend time in the building.

Certain areas in the MarQueen hotel are also said to have sudden and unexplainable temperature drops, a phenomenon often associated with haunted locations. Guests have felt inexplicably cold in specific rooms, despite the heating system working perfectly.

In the renown Tin Lizzie Restaurant and Lounge located in the hotel, bartenders have heard unexplained voices echoing through the bars of the outlet.

Closing Thoughts

In the heart of Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, the MarQueen Hotel stands as a testament to the city’s rich and complex history. From its origins as a vocational school and housing facility for Ford Model T workers to its current incarnation as a boutique hotel. MarQueen Hotel has withstood the test of time.

Yet, what distinguishes it from other historic hotels is not its unique history but its reputation of being haunted. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the paranormal or simply want to immerse yourself in a setting that evokes Seattle’s multifaceted history, the MarQueen delivers on all fronts.

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