North Carolina

green park inn room

Haunted Room 318 at Green Park Inn, Blowing Rock

Room 318 in Green Park Inn is said to be haunted by Laura Greene, daughter of one of the hotel’s founder. The legend says that Greene was to be wed at a church in Blowing Rock. However, Greene’s fiancé failed to turn up on the wedding day, leaving her stranded and humiliated in front of all the invited guests. Distraught by his disappearance, Greene reportedly hung herself at Room 318 in Green Park Inn.

Grove Park Inn

Pink Lady Ghost and Room 545 in Grove Park Inn, Asheville

The history of the Pink Lady and Room 545 dates back to the 1920s when a young lady fell to her death in the Palm Court. Since then, guests have reported seeing the apparition of the lady in a dense, pink smoke. Others have also to have seen a women dressed in a flowing, pink gown (or pink coat) wandering around the grounds of the resort.

Devils Tramping Ground spot

Devil’s Tramping Ground Explained

Nothing grows on the Devil’s Tramping Ground due to the high concentration of salt in the soil caused by the naturally occurring mineral licks (also known as salt licks), as discovered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.