Haunted Places in Arizona

Hotel Gadsden facade

Haunted History of Douglas’ Gadsden Hotel

The historic Gadsden Hotel has long been the site of countless paranormal activities. Opened in 1907, the 160-room hotel was built as a lodge for cattlemen and ranchers working in Gadsden Purchase

hanging tree at vulture mine

Directions to Vulture Mine at Wickenburg | Arizona

The Hanging Tree is a three hundred year old ironwood tree found right in front of Henry Wickenburg’s cabin. The terrifying legend behind the Hanging Tree tells of a tragic story when 18 miners were caught stealing gold deposits from Vulture Mine. After their capture, they were supposedly hanged on Hanging Tree to warn other miners of the consequences of stealing. The Hanging Tree is now said to be haunted by these miners who were hung. Many tourists have reported hearing footsteps around the tree and rocks being thrown at them.

bird cage theatre interior

Haunted History of Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone, Arizona

Today, Bird Cage Theater is said to be haunted by former patrons who frequented the place during the boom of the mining industry in the late 19th century. Visitors of the theater have reported being touched by an unexplainable force. Disembodied voices and raucous laughter can also be heard near the stage, as if someone …

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billy room copper queen hotel

The Hauntings of Billy at Copper Queen Hotel

A young ghost by the name Billy is one of many resident ghost at the haunted Copper Queen Hotel. The most popular story says that Billy is a young boy who died in the early 20th century at the nearby San Pedro River. it is said that his parents (or relatives) were once long-time employees of the the hotel, and that Billy had came back to for them. Another version of the legend suggest that Billy, then 8 years old, drown in one of the room’s bath tub. To cover up their wrongdoing, the Billy’s parent allegedly made up a lie that he had drown at the nearby river.

dark cell room in Yuma Territorial Prison

The Infamous Dark Cell in Yuma Territorial Prison

Carved out from the side of the hill, the Dark Cell measured 10 feet by 10 feet and house an iron cage in the center. The cell was notorious for having no windows; the only light came from a tiny shaft located at the top of the cell. Prisoners who disobeyed the rules or misbehaved would be sent to the Dark Cell where they would spent up to several weeks. There was no blanket or mattress for comfort. The only contact with outside is the daily ration sent by a guard; bread and water is given once a day.