Haunted Places in Illinois

drake hotel night

Hauntings at Chicago’s Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel, along with Congress Plaza Hotel, are widely known to be two of Chicago’s most haunted hotels. Drake Hotel in particular, is said to be haunted by two female apparitions who passed away tragically in the building.

hull house art class

What Did the Hull House Do?

As one of the first social settlement in the United States, Hull House focused primarily on the provision of community services to relieve social problems. That said, the settlement was primarily focused on three R’s as outlined by Addams: residence, research, and reform.

the old slave house crenshaw house

Tales of the Illinois’s Haunted Crenshaw House

To visit the Old Slave House from Equality Township, drive four miles eastbound along Illinois Route 13 before turning left into Route 1. Continue the drive for approximately half a mile. The Old Slave House, or Crenshaw House, can be found on a hillside on the right side (just before Berry Best Tarps). The address of Old Slave House is 4325 Crenshaw Ln, Equality, IL 62934, USA. To view the property on Google Maps, visit here.

mcpike mansion 2021

Restoration Work on Haunted McPike Mansion [2021]

As of October 2021, the basement (where the famed wine cellar is housed) is used to run tours, seances and occasional events. The first and second floors are currently out of bounds to the public as renovation works are being done. The first floor will be used as a communal space for events and while rooms on the second floor will be used as a Bed & Breakfast (B&B).

bachelor grove cemetery entrance

Ghost Adventures at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery | Illinois

To get to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, drive along “W 143rd St” between Ridgeland Avenue and Central Avenue. Look out for a wooden signage showing “Rubio Woods” and turn in to Rubio Woods Preserve parking lot. The entrance to Bachelor’s Gove Cemetery is located right across the road, to the right of the two cell towers. Two wooden post roped by a cable gate marks the start of the trail to the haunted cemetery. From there, take a five minute walk along the trail to reach the cemetery gates.