Haunted Places in Oklahoma

Stone Lion Inn facade

Ghost Adventures at Stone Lion Inn | Oklahoma

The haunted Stone Lion Inn was commissioned in 1906 by Fred. E Houghton, founder of Cotton Oil Company, for his family of twelve. Completed in 1907, the property reportedly cost $11,900 (today’s equivalent of $347,000), making it the most expensive house ever built in the city of Guthrie.

skirvin hotel

Effie and Skirvin Hotel’s Haunted Room 1015

Booking.com The legend at Skirvin Hotel tells the story of the hotel’s founder William Balser Skirvin—a notorious womanizer—and his affair with a housekeeper nicknamed “Effie”; Effie was said to be a woman with “loose morals” and would often go around seducing male guests in the hotel.After discovering that Effie was pregnant, Skirvin had her locked …

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