Is 17Hundred90 Inn Haunted?

Over the years, local residents and visitors of the historic inn have all claimed to have witnessed and experienced paranormal activities in the tavern and B&B. Three spirits are said to haunt the 200 year old inn: Anne in Room 204, a young boy named Thaddeus in the tavern, and an unnamed spirit in the kitchen. All in all, the various accounts and evidence from guests of the inn have made the famous 17Hundred90 Inn one of the oldest haunted property in the city of Savannah.

A History of 17Hundred90 Inn

17hundred90 inn
17Hundred90 Inn | Image credits: mamawatta @Tripadvisor

A historic restaurant and Bed & Breakfast (B&B) in Savannah, Georgia, 17Hundred90 Inn was believed to be built around 1790. As such, the property is believed to be the oldest inn in the city.

The B&B is made up of three separate properties, all with a history of at least 150 years. The western building is a duplex built around 1822 by Steel White while the smaller eastern section is believed to be built in 1888 by the Powers family. Most of the original structure dating back to 1790 were destroyed in the 1820 great Savannah Fire which razed over 400 buildings to the ground; only the ground level slate floor and soft brick walls survived.

Today, the reported paranormal sightings in 17Hundred90 Inn have made it a popular attraction among tourists of the city as well as paranormal investigators.

17Hundred90 Haunted Room 204

Room 204 is reportedly haunted by the spirits of Anne. She was rumored to have jumped to her death off the windows of room 204 after falling out with her boyfriend; her boyfriend is allegedly a sailor who risked military punishment and gone on AWOL to be reunited with Powers. An alternative version of the story tells that Powers was pushed off the windows by another lover of the same sailor.

17hundred90 inn room 204
Room 204 in 17Hundred90 Inn | Image credits: Ghosts and Ghouls

Rumors have suggested that Anne was actually Anne Powers, a member of the Powers family who bought over the building in 1888. However, a 1920 census indicated that Anne Powers was alive as of 78 years of age while her husband Patrick Powers was 82 years-old. This ruled out the possibility given that it is unlikely for Patrick to have gone out to sea in his 80’s.

The spirit of Anne now haunts room 204. Many who have stayed in room 204 reported personal belongings being shifted, leading to several disputes between guests and staffs of the inn who thought that the stuff were rummaged. Some have also claimed to have heard the weeping sound of a woman and seen lights in the room flickers on and off by itself. In particular, Anne is also said to have a hatred towards female guests, often misplacing their jewelry and even pulling their hair at night.

17hundred90 mannequin room 204
Mannequin outside room 204 | Image credits:

A teddy bear on the fireplace mantle in room 204 is said to be a ‘trigger’, which in the supernatural realm refers to an object or event that will cause a paranormal activity to occur.

Spirits in 17Hundred90 Inn

Other than Anne in room 204, there are other spirits that reportedly haunt the inn.

The spirit of a young boy named Thaddeus is said to linger on the floors of the restaurant and the tavern. He has been described by staffs of the inn to be a friendly yet mischievous spirit; Thaddeus would often leave pennies on the tables and the bar for others to pick up.f

Another unnamed spirit said to be the former cook of 17Hundred90 Inn’s tavern and a Voodoo practitioner now haunts the kitchen and the restaurant. Staffs of the tavern would share stories of hearing pots being banged and thrown around in the empty kitchen. A maintenance man was once doing routine maintenance in the tavern when he heard the weeping of a woman in the kitchen. He walked in only to find an empty kitchen.

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