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haunted charity hospital in new orleans

The Haunted Charity Hospital in New Orleans

Charity Hospital in New Orleans, an abandoned healthcare facility steeped in history and cloaked in an air of mystery, stands as a testament to both the resilience and the spectral past of this iconic city. Founded in the 18th century, this institution has witnessed centuries of change, tragedy, and countless human stories, making it a …

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Grove Park Inn

Pink Lady Ghost and Room 545 in Grove Park Inn, Asheville

The history of the Pink Lady and Room 545 dates back to the 1920s when a young lady fell to her death in the Palm Court. Since then, guests have reported seeing the apparition of the lady in a dense, pink smoke. Others have also to have seen a women dressed in a flowing, pink gown (or pink coat) wandering around the grounds of the resort.

Lester Gillis Baby Face Nelson mugshot

Famous Inmates at Joliet Prison

Over the years, many notable inmates have spend the time at the century old Joliet Prison. One of them was notorious bank robber Lester Joseph Gillis. Gillis was commonly known as Baby Face Nelson due to his small stature and juvenile appearance. Nelson started his life in crime in his early teens, involving himself in …

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Arlington Hotel resort Spa

Is the Arlington Hotel Haunted?

Multiple paranormal sightings and experiences by guests of the hotel have concluded that the Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa is indeed haunted. Many who have spent the night at the hotel have reported paranormal happenings such as ghostly laughters and disembodied voices. It is claimed that Room 666 was deliberately renamed to Room 667 as guests have reported numerous strange activities in the room. The piano at lobby bar is also said to play by itself after midnight; it has since been removed to avoid causing any unnecessary hysteria.

skirvin hotel

Effie and Skirvin Hotel’s Haunted Room 1015 The legend at Skirvin Hotel tells the story of the hotel’s founder William Balser Skirvin—a notorious womanizer—and his affair with a housekeeper nicknamed “Effie”; Effie was said to be a woman with “loose morals” and would often go around seducing male guests in the hotel.After discovering that Effie was pregnant, Skirvin had her locked …

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Trans Alleghany Lunatic asylum

Murders at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Many murders are said to have occurred within the walls of the asylum. Many however, are poorly documented.

A particular storyrecounted by a housekeeper who had worked the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum—tells a time when a man was brutally murdered by two other patients living on the same floor. The man—who was a mute— struggled but could not get help. After dying from asphyxiation, he was taken down and pierced in the head by the metal leg of the bed.

Biltmore Estate

What Tragedies Happened at the Biltmore Estate?

On July 20, 1922, 20-year-old Laurens West and 24-year-old Emory Lance were shot dead by Walter Brooks, a guard of the Biltmore Forest Development Company.

Roosevelt Hotel 1949 facade

Hauntings at Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is reputed to be the most haunted hotel in Hollywood for the number of famous ghosts that haunts this historic building. Many celebrity ghost are said to linger in this building due to the wonderful memories that they had while staying as guests of the hotel. This includes American icon Marilyn …

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lizzie borden portrait

How Did Lizzie Borden Die?

Lizzie Borden passed away on June 1, 1927 from pneumonia, an infection of the air sacs in one or both lungs. Her illness comes after the removal of her gall bladder, which may have caused complications after the surgery.

Facade of amityville horror house

Who Lives in Amityville Haunted House Today (2023)

As of 2021, the house is occupied by a buyer who bought the house in 2017. The house was last listed on the market in 2016 for $850,000 and was’s most popular house during the first week of its listing.