History of Le Pavillon Hotel

The history of the haunted Le Pavillon Hotel dates back to 1907 when it was built as New Denechaud Hotel in Poydras Street, New Orleans. The site was formerly a streetcar depot and National Theater (also known as the German Theater or the Werlein Hall) that boasted four levels of seating that could fit approximately 1,500 people in a single show. However, the theater was razed to the ground in an accident.

For years, the site languished for years before it was bought by hotelier Edward F. Denechaud to construct New Denechaud Hotel. The hotel innovated to rival opulent hotels such as Hotel Monteleone and The Roosevelt New Orleans which dominated the hospitality scene in the city. Back then, the 10-story building featured the first hydraulic elevators and electric lightings in the New Orleans.

Le pavillon Hotel
Le Pavillon Hotel in 1910 (when it New Denechaud Hotel) | Image credits: Library of Congress

In 1913, New Denechaud Hotel was renamed to DeSoto Hotel. Over the years, the hotel changed hands several times and had withstood the test of time to become one of several historic hotel along Poydras Street.

Over five decades later in 1970, a massive restoration project was undertaken to restore the hotel to its opulent past. Some of the notable furnishings include the marble railings which were salvaged from the Grand Hotel in Paris, crystal chandeliers from Czechoslovakia, and magnificent columns from Italy. With it, the hotel was renamed for the last time to Le Pavillon.

It was during then that a little-known tradition was formed: the serving of complimentary peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and a glass of milk after to everyone in the hotel lobby after 10pm.

In 1991, the hotel was successfully nominated and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. At present, Le Pavillon Hotel offers 219 guest rooms and 7 luxurious themed suite.

le pavillion hotel facade
La Pavillon Hotel today | Image credits: Eventective

Hauntings at the Hotel

Today, the hotel is known for not only for its hospitality but also the reputed hauntings. While many There’s said to be a ghost story from every hotel of New Orleans, but the Le Pavillon stands out for the countless reported sightings of ghostly apparitions. In fact, guests may even request for a pamplets detailing the paranormal history and investigations that have happened at the hotel.

Eva & Room 930

The ghost of a woman named Eva is said to occupy the 9th floor, in particular room 930. According to the legend, she was a guest who was killed by a running carriage at the entrance of the hotel during the early 19th century. Since then, many visitors have reported sightings and interactions with Eva. One incident speaks of a male guest who checked in to room 930 but ran away in the middle of the night.

As the story goes, the man woke up in the middle of the night after being awaken by someone touching his leg. There, he found the apparition of a woman in a black dress sitting on the bed, caressing him. The woman proceeded to lean towards the man and whispered in his ears: “You belong to me.”

The Couple From the 1920s 

The spirit of a famous couple is said to be roaming the hallways of Le Pavillon since the 1920s.

They’ve left many guests confused, thinking they are actual guests as well until they disappear into the void. The couple, who are often sighted on the second and third floor of Le Pavillon, are known to play tricks with on suspecting guests and staffs of the hotel. Many have also reported seeing the phantom couple entering the elevator only to see them vanish into thin air when the door closes and open again.

Little is known about the famous couple, albeit they have surely enjoyed their time at the hotel as guests often mistaken them as a lovely couple enjoying a vacation in the hotel.

George the Brave Prankster

The most reputable ghost in Le Pavillon is none other than George the prankster. He is often spotted in a colorful shirt and walking along the hallways barefooted. Multiple guests have reported seeing George in room 301 and 302, with some saying that he would pull the sheets and misplace their belongings while they were asleep. Over the years, staffs have got used to the prankster foolish antics of moving their cleaning equipment across the rooms and hallways.

How Far Is Le Pavillon Hotel From Bourbon Street?

Le Pavillon Hotel is located in the corner of Poydras Street at Baronne Street, and is a mere 0.6 miles away from Bourbon Street. stands firm in its block on Poydras Street. It is located ideally between the French Quarter and the Central Business District (CBD). 

To get to Bourbon Street from the hotel, walk northbound along Baronne till you reach Dauphine Street. Turn right into Canal Street and walk for one block. The start of Bourbon street is marked by Walgreens on the left and True Religion on the right.

The hotel is 0.5 miles away from Bourbon Street, and the best way to get to there is by having a short 10-20 min walk.

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