le pavillion hotel facade

History of Le Pavillon Hotel

The history of the haunted Le Pavillon Hotel dates back to 1907 when it was built as New Denechaud Hotel in Poydras Street, New Orleans. The site was formerly a streetcar depot and National Theater (also known as the German Theater or the Werlein Hall) that boasted four levels of seating that could fit approximately 1,500 people in a single show. However, the theater was razed to the ground in an accident.

facade hotel villa convento

Hauntings at Hotel Villa Convento

The hotel is said to be haunted by a former madame who had served men in the building when it was a brothel. Couples spending the night in the hotel have frequently heard knocks on the door along with a soft whisper saying “time is up”.

Hotel Monteleone main entrance lobby

Haunted Experiences at Hotel Monteleone

The numerous reports of paranormal activities by both guests and staffs of Hotel Monteleone have made it almost a certainty that Hotel Monteleone is haunted. In fact, the official website of Hotel Monteleone have labelled the hotel as one of the premier haunted hotels in the city of New Orleans.