Story inn restaurant facade

Haunted History of Nashville’s Story Inn

If you were driving around State Road 135 in Nashville, chances are that you would stumble upon the Story Inn. However, many would skip past the historic inn due to its eerie and rusty look.

Tunnelton tunnel

Haunted History of Tunnelton Tunnel | Indiana

The history of Tunnelton Tunnel (also known as The Big Tunnel) dates back to 1857 when it was built for Ohio and Mississippi Railway (O&M), a railroad that operated between Cincinnati, Ohio, and East St. Louis, Illinois.

French Lick Springs Hotel facade

Hauntings at French Lick Springs Hotel

Over the years, a handful of paranormal activities have been reported by staffs and visitors of the historic hotel, including disembodied voices reverberating throughout the hallways and mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night by vacant rooms.