Ghost adventures overland hotel

Ghost Adventures at Overland Hotel & Saloon | Nevada

Overland Hotel & Saloon was featured on season 9, episode 12 of the popular paranormal television series Ghost Hunters. During the episode (which aired on Jun 21, 2014), co-hosts Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Nick Groff explored the silver-mining town of Pioche and investigated the ghostly hauntings at Overland Hotel & Saloon, the Million Dollar Courthouse and the old jail.

Mackay mansion

Ghosts of Mackay Mansion Museum

Apart from being one of Virginia City’s most iconic home, the historic mansion also holds the reputation for being the city’s most haunted home. Over the years, Mackay Mansion has attracted numerous paranormal investigators and thrill seekers who are looking for a chance encounter with the supernatural.

The World Famous Clown Motel entrance

The Haunted Room 108 at Clown Motel

The legend of Room 108 at Clown Motel tells of a story of an elderly man who happened to be the motel’s front desk manager. One night, the elderly man decided to spend the night at the hotel, leaving his colleague to take the overnight shift at the front desk. However, he became severely sick and reportedly tried to call the front desk for help. With no one picking up the phone, the elderly man called his sister who immediately paged for an ambulance to the Clown Motel.

mizpah hotel lady in red

Ghost Adventures at the Mizpah Hotel | Nevada

The five-storey Mizpah Hotel opened in 1907 at a cost of $200,000 and was then the tallest building in Nevada. Named after the famous Mizpah Mine and built on the former site of the Mizpah Saloon, the hotel featured reinforced concrete and cast iron columns, making it the only permanent structure in Tonopah of that period. To top it off, the luxurious hotel featured brass chandeliers, stained glass windows as well as the first elevator in Nevada.