History of the Haunted Sweet Hollow Road

Nestled in the realm where reality and the ethereal intertwine, the tale of the Haunted Sweet Hollow Road has captivated locals and sent shivers down the spine of those who dare to listen to its haunting legends. With a name that echoes both sweetness and darkness, this enigmatic thoroughfare has become synonymous with whispers of the paranormal, the unexplained, and the otherworldly.

Located in Melville, New York, this road has gained a haunted reputation for the various stories and urban legends that have popped up over the past years. These stories includes tales of strange occurrences and ghostly apparitions seen by individuals who have driven or walked along the haunted road.

In this article, we will delve into the history of Sweet Hollow Road and unearth some of the chilling stories that have etched their mark on the lore of road.

Construction of Sweet Hollow Road

Sweet Hollow Road was built across the massive West Hills County Park to connect New York State Route 25 and Northern State Parkway. While there were other passageways that connected the highway and the parkway, the idyllic Sweet Hollow Road was favored among locals as it provided access to the facilities in the park. This include camping grounds, playground, pinic spots, and even the equestrian center.

Parallel to Sweet Hollow Road is Mount Misery Road, another haunted road that has also captivated locals and adventurer seekers for the ghostly stories that has emerged over the years.

The Psychiatric Hospital

In the early 19th century, a psychiatric hospital named Kings Park Psychiatric Center (KPPC) was said to have been built between Mount Misery and Sweet Hallow Road. By 1954, KPCC had over 10,000 patients and staff, and was practically a self-serving community.

The legend says that KPCC was burnt to the grounds; the fire was rumored to have been started by a disgruntled patient who was constantly abused by staffs of the facility. Many of the patients, who were either locked up in the wards or strapped to their beds, perished in the fire.

Some have suggested that the hospital was a former military hospital that conducted many inhumane experiments and was burnt down in an attempt to cover up the heinous crimes.

Almost two decades later, a new hospital was built on the same grounds where the psychiatric hospital fell. However, patients who have resided briefly in the new hospital reported numerous ghostly phenomenon such as smell of burning wood and unexplained, hysterical screams in the middle of the night. Visitors have also reported seeing a young lady in a hospital robe roaming along the corridors of the hospitals.

Barely half a year into its operation, the new hospital burned down again. This time round, the ruins was left on its own and no new facility was built along Sweet Hollow Road until the late 1990s.

Ghosts of Sweet Hollow Road

Many have reported seeing ghostly apparitions along Sweet Hollow Road. The most famous is none other than the young lady in the hospital robe. She is rumored to be the patient who had started the fire that razed the first hospital. The ghost is often seen dancing along the side of the road where the hospital once was, and waves at passing cars in the middle of the night.

Another popular ghostly figure is Sally, a young lady who passed away when her car hit a tree along Sweet Hollow Road. Legend says that you can spot a shadow when the headlights of your car flashes pass the tree where she was killed.

sweet hollow road white orbs
White orbs along Sweet Hollow Road

Some have also reported seeing a young female apparition roaming along Sweet Hollow Road, albeit she is often seen near Melville Cemetery. The story of this young woman is unclear, though locals surmise she may have been the victim of an accident that happened along the road during the 19th century.

Other haunted stories include a man who would appear along Sweet Hollow Road whenever it rained, as well as a ghostly policeman who would pull you over and disappear.

The Sweet Hollow Road Movies

On October 2015, director David Seth Cohen released a film named “Sweet Hollow Road”, as per the synopsis in IMDB, the story tells of a group of high school friend who drove along the cursed Sweet Hollow Road. Along the road, the group experienced a blackout and horrible events soon followed.

In the same year, a short film titled “Sweet Hollow” was released. The 10 minute film talks about Emily who is visiting her sister. When her car broke down along Sweet Hollow Road, she was offered a ride out of the road by a handsome stranger. However, the man turned out to be more than what she could have ever imagined. See IMDB synopsis here.

Length of Sweet Hollow Road

The entire stretch of Sweet Hollow Road measures exactly 3.0 miles long, or 4.83 kilometres. It runs north-south from NY State Route 25 (West Hills) to New York State Route 110 (Broadhollow Road).

It cuts across West Hills County Park and passes through different landscapes, including wooded areas and open stretches, contributing to its eerie reputation.

It is unsure why the road was made to be exactly 3.0 miles long, or if it was a mere coincidence.

Directions to Sweet Hallow Road

To get to Sweet Hallow Road, drive along New York State Route 25 from New Hyde Park. As you approach West Hills, look out for the East to West Wellness Center which is located on the left. The entrance to the haunted road, which is marked by the “Sweet Hollow Road” sign, can be found directly opposite the wellness center.

Alternatively, if you are coming via Northern State Parkway, turn into Broadhollow Road and keep a lookout for Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts. The entrance to Sweet Hallow Road is located on the intersection.

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