Haunted Places in Ohio

crybaby bridge in salem ohio

All About the Haunted Crybaby Bridge in Salem, Ohio

The concept of a “Crybaby Bridge” is deeply rooted in American folklore, and Ohio is no stranger to this phenomenon. Across the United States, there are several bridges that claims the “Crybaby” title; each has its own haunting narrative of tragic loss and eerie encounters. From spectral cries in the dead of night to unsettling …

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margaret schilling stain athens lunatic asylum

The Fabled Body Stain at Athens Lunatic Asylum

The legend of Athens Lunatic Asylum cannot be complete without talking about the mysterious missing case of Margaret Schilling and the fabled body stain of hers. The story of Schilling dates back to December 1, 1978 when she was reported missing by a nurse patrolling the wards. Oftentimes, those who wander off into the woods …

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Franklin Castle facade today

Is Franklin Castle Open to the Public?

Franklin Castle is currently owned by Oh Dear Productions, a limited liability company. As such, the mansion is a private property and is not open to the public for visits. While the Franklin Castle have been rezoned to allow it to be converted into a three-family dwelling, the exact future of the property remains unclear. Meanwhile, it is currently occupied by several tenants including local historian William Krejci and records company Norton Records.

Ohio State Reformatory night

Hauntings at Ohio State Reformatory

Many tourists have claimed to have heard whispers and experience cold spots when walking along the run-down hallways and visiting the barren cells. Shadowy figures have also been spotted roaming around the basement of the reformatory.