Haunted Places in Oregon

Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast

Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast first opened in 1995 by volunteers Mike and Carol Korgan. As former restaurant owners and restoration experts, Mike and Carol conducted a restoration of the living quarters’ interiors to ensure that it stays authentic yet modern. Today, the bed & breakfast is run by Mike and Carol’s daughter Michelle and the property’s manager Misty Anderson.

Why Are the Shanghai Tunnels Closed?

The Old Portland Underground, better known as the Shanghai Tunnels, were closed in the 1940s due to instability of the tunnels as well as the fact that it was used for trafficking purposes. Over the years, many of the tunnels have collapsed and have posed danger not only to smugglers of the early days but also tourists who tour the infamous passageways today.

facade of Pittock Mansion in the 1940s

Ghosts of Oregon’s Haunted Pittock Mansion

Built over a hundred years ago by Oregon Trail pioneer Henry Pittock and his family, the magnificant Pittock Mansion has become an iconic landmark in Portland for it symbolised the transformation of the city from a pioneer town into a modern town and epitomized the great American entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit.