Can You Visit Stull Cemetery?

The historic cemetery connections with the occult have brought forth unwanted attention, with many visiting the graveyard for a glimpse of any paranormal events that may happen. This has led to a rapid deterioration of the site, prompting the owners to close the cemetery for most of the days. Police have also stepped up their patrol in the area, particularly during the night. Signs stating “NO TRESPASSING” can also be found along the fences of the cemetery.

Why Are the Shanghai Tunnels Closed?

The Old Portland Underground, better known as the Shanghai Tunnels, were closed in the 1940s due to instability of the tunnels as well as the fact that it was used for trafficking purposes. Over the years, many of the tunnels have collapsed and have posed danger not only to smugglers of the early days but also tourists who tour the infamous passageways today.

Why Did Moundsville Penitentiary Close?

In 1986, the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the confinement of inmates to cells smaller than 5 x 7 foot was unacceptable and constituted inhumane treatment. This effectively marked the doom of West Virginia Penitentiary which at its peak, had over 2,000 inmates and was forced to hold as many as three inmates in a single cell.

Ghost Hunters at St Augustine Lighthouse

The infamous St Augustine Lighthouse Man in Blue is known to be a mischievous spirit that would taunt visitors and workers of the lighthouse. Nicknamed the “Man in Blue” because of its ghastly appearance in a blue overalls, the ghost is said to be the restless spirit of Joseph Andreu, a former keeper of the lighthouse. Andreu, an avid pipe smoker, fell 60 feet to his death in 1859 during a routine paint job on the outside of the tower; the scaffolding he was standing on collapsed

Hauntings at Ohio State Reformatory

Many tourists have claimed to have heard whispers and experience cold spots when walking along the run-down hallways and visiting the barren cells. Shadowy figures have also been spotted roaming around the basement of the reformatory.

Murders at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Many murders are said to have occurred within the walls of the asylum. Many however, are poorly documented.

A particular storyrecounted by a housekeeper who had worked the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum—tells a time when a man was brutally murdered by two other patients living on the same floor. The man—who was a mute— struggled but could not get help. After dying from asphyxiation, he was taken down and pierced in the head by the metal leg of the bed.

History of Savannah’s Haunted Kehoe House | Georgia

Many paranormal stories have emerged as a result of its past. Guests staying in the Kehoe House have reported hearing children laughters and running footsteps which are said to be the spirits of the Kehoe children who have lingered in the mansion. Some have claimed to have seen small handprints in the house’s mirror while others experienced an eerie sensation of being touched by small hands.

Room 64 at Cecil Hotel

Room 64 in Cecil Hotel was popularized after being featured in “American Horror Story: Hotel”. The episode centers around the cryptic Hotel Cortez, Room 64, and The Countess, a bloodsucking socialite who lives in the hotel’s penthouse.

Unearthing the Villisca Axe Murders

The brutal Villisca Axe Murders took place in the small town of Villisca on June 9, 1912 when Josiah Moore, Sarah Moore, their four children and two children from the Stillinger family were found axed to death. The bodies of the eight victims were discovered on the morning of June 10 by Josiah’s brother Joe after he was alerted to the Moore family’s inactivity.