Room 64 at Cecil Hotel

Room 64 in Cecil Hotel was popularized after being featured in “American Horror Story: Hotel”. The episode centers around the cryptic Hotel Cortez, Room 64, and The Countess, a bloodsucking socialite who lives in the hotel’s penthouse.

Unearthing the Villisca Axe Murders

The brutal Villisca Axe Murders took place in the small town of Villisca on June 9, 1912 when Josiah Moore, Sarah Moore, their four children and two children from the Stillinger family were found axed to death. The bodies of the eight victims were discovered on the morning of June 10 by Josiah’s brother Joe after he was alerted to the Moore family’s inactivity.

The Terrifying Eastern State Penitentiary Death Ledger

The Eastern State Penitentiary was famous for it was built at a staggering cost of $780,000 (today’s equivalent of over $18 million) and utilized the radical separate system (also called the Pennsylvania system) that advocated the instillment of remorse and penitence among criminals through separate confinement and regular visits by the warden and overseer

Hauntings at Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is reputed to be the most haunted hotel in Hollywood for the number of famous ghosts that haunts this historic building. Many celebrity ghost are said to linger in this building due to the wonderful memories that they had while staying as guests of the hotel. This includes American icon Marilyn …

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How Did Lizzie Borden Die?

Lizzie Borden passed away on June 1, 1927 from pneumonia, an infection of the air sacs in one or both lungs. Her illness comes after the removal of her gall bladder, which may have caused complications after the surgery.

Devil’s Tramping Ground Explained

Nothing grows on the Devil’s Tramping Ground due to the high concentration of salt in the soil caused by the naturally occurring mineral licks (also known as salt licks), as discovered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

Facade of Menger Hotel at night

Is San Antonio’s Menger Hotel Haunted? | Texas

The Menger Hotel opened in February 1859 by William and Mary Menger at San Antonio’s Alamo Plaza Historic District. The two-story hotel housed 50 rooms and served as an important rest stop on the Chrisholm Trail for cattle drovers and cattlemen.

Ghost Adventures at the Mizpah Hotel | Nevada

The five-storey Mizpah Hotel opened in 1907 at a cost of $200,000 and was then the tallest building in Nevada. Named after the famous Mizpah Mine and built on the former site of the Mizpah Saloon, the hotel featured reinforced concrete and cast iron columns, making it the only permanent structure in Tonopah of that period. To top it off, the luxurious hotel featured brass chandeliers, stained glass windows as well as the first elevator in Nevada.

Haunted Room 419 at Crescent Hotel | Arkansas

Crescent Hotel was built in 1886 as a retreat for the rich and the famous. After falling into disuse for its sham ‘healing waters’, the building reopened in 1908 as Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women and ran as a hotel during summer. In 1937, Norman G. Baker turned purchased the site and converted the building into a health resort named Baker Hospital.

The Scariest Room at Myrtles Plantation – Fannie Williams Room

The scariest room at the 28-room Myrtles Plantation is none other than the creepy Fannie Williams room, or Doll room. The room is named after Fannie Lintot Haralson Williams is the second wife of Harrison Milton Williams, a Confederate cavalry courier who purchased the house in 1891.