Haunted Experiences at Hotel Monteleone

The numerous reports of paranormal activities by both guests and staffs of Hotel Monteleone have made it almost a certainty that Hotel Monteleone is haunted. In fact, the official website of Hotel Monteleone have labelled the hotel as one of the premier haunted hotels in the city of New Orleans.

Tales of the Haunted Muriel’s Jackson Square

The haunting legend that Pierre have never left his home is likely to be true, according to the countless patrons who have visited the famous attraction. The spirit of Pierre is said to wander around the house, keeping an eye on anyone who attempts to steal or vandalize the property.

Is Jung Hotel in New Orleans Haunted?

Contrary to popular belief, the century-old Jung Hotel is not haunted by ghosts. It is common to associate historic hotels with the paranormal due to its longstanding history and potential deaths or fatal incidents that may have happened in the building. This is added on to the fact that New Orleans have been listed by USA Today and CNBC as one of the top 10 most haunted cities in the United States However, there have been no reported cases of ghostly activities or inexplicable events going on in Jung Hotel.

Haunted History of the Andrew Jackson Hotel in New Orleans

The history of the site dates back to 1793 when an orphanage was built. During the days when disease was rampant, many children were left abandoned in the streets. To ‘clean’ up the streets, the Spanish colonial government commissioned the building of a boarding school at 919 Royal Street to house the orphans. However, the 1794 Great New Orleans Fire destroyed the school and over 200 buildings in the French Quarters. Five boys were rumored to have perished in the tragic fire after getting trapped in the building by a fallen structure.

Murders at Emily Morgan Hotel | Texas

The famous Emily Morgan hotel in Alamo Plaza is said to be haunted by patients who were nursed in the building when it was still a hospital. For the first 50 years of the building’s operation, it served as the Medical Arts Building, offering an array of healthcare services to citizens of San Antonio. As such, paranormal investigators and local historians believed that some of the resident ghosts were former patients who passed away during their time in the hospital.

Gallier House and American Horror Story: Coven

The Gallier Historic House rose to fame (once again) when it was discovered that the property was used for the exterior shots of Lalaurie Mansion in American Horror Story: Coven. AHS Coven is the third season of the popular anthology television series American Horror Story and revolves around the fictitious story of a coven of witches who escaped the Salem witch trials to a special witch training school in New Orleans. The series also featured Madame Delphine LaLaurie, a real-life New Orleans-based socialite in the early 19th century who was notoriously known for torturing her slaves.

Haunted History of Hotel Colorado

Over the past few decades, guests and staffs of Hotel Colorado have reported countless inexplicable events that have deemed the hotel to be one of the most haunted building in Glenwood Springs. Some of the paranormal happening includes the ghost of a young girl, dark shadows along the hotel’s hallway, cold spots, and unexplainable voices. Unsurprisingly, Hotel Colorado was once the site of a hospital for the U.S. Navy and a rumored murder scene. Hence, it is without a doubt that the hotel is haunted by former residents who have stayed on long after their death.

Is the Chelsea Hotel in New York City Open?

As of March 2022, the iconic Hotel Chelsea has reopened its doors to the public. This comes over 11 years since its closure to the public as a hotel. The hotel was previously bought over by hoteliers Ira Druker, Richard Born, and SeanMacPherson in 2016. The trio have previously announced in April of 2021 that they had aimed to reopen the hotel to the public by the end of 2021. However, constant delay forced the hotel to delay its opening till March 2022.