Ghosts of Molly Brown House

Many believe that Molly Brown house is haunted by the Brown couple. On numerous occasions, visitors and staffs of Molly Brown Museum have smelled the faint scent of a pipe in spite of rules prohibiting smoking within the grounds of the site. It is said that Molly Brown’s husband J.J. Brown loved to smoke out of his pipe. Employees working in the museum also claims that the ghost of a lady in a Victorian dress haunts the mansion. The ghost, believed to be Molly Brown, is said to be responsible for the unexplainable rearrangement of furnitures in the first floor living room.

Haunted History of Jean Bonnet Tavern

Located at Bedford, Pennsylvania on the junction of U.S. Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) and Pennsylvania Route 31, the historic Jean Bonnet Tavern (also known as the Old Forks Inn or Bonnet’s Tavern) has captivated paranormal investigators and locals with its longstanding history and reputed hauntings. The building was believed to be built around 1762 when Indian trader Robert Callender acquired the surrounding land. The place was used as a trading post and Callender’s residence.

Ghosts of Hotel Bethlehem

Hotel Bethlehem (also known as Historic Hotel Bethlehem) dates back to 1921 when it was commissioned by Bethlehem Hotel Corporation. The hotel is located at 437 Main St., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and sits on the land where “The Golden Eagle” hotel once stood. In 1823, The Golden Eagle was demolished to make way for the newer “The Eagle” hotel. The site was also formerly the grounds of Moravian missionaries’ famous log house, the First House of Bethlehem.

The Macabre Grim Reaper at Bonaventure Cemetery

Yes, visitors with a vehicle are able to drive around the 103-acre large Bonaventure Cemetery. In fact, visitors are encouraged to drive into the site to get a full view of the cemetery grounds. Also, many of the notable graves such as the monument of Gracie Watson and tomb of Johnny Mercer are located towards the back of Bonaventure Cemetery, half a mile away from the entrance.

Ghost Adventures at the Lemp Mansion

On season 9, episode 1 (aired on October 11, 2014.) of the Ghost Adventures, hosts Zak Bagans, Nick Groff Aaron Goodwin investigates the paranormal happenings that have occurred in Lemp Mansion and the brewery.

History of the Haunted Littlefield House in Austin, Texas

Littlefield House is a historic mansion located in Austin, Texas. It was completed in 1893 for Civil War veteran George W. Littlefield, a Confederate Army officer who went on to build his cattle range empire across Texas and Kansas. Littlefield was also known for being the regent of the University of Texas. During his term, he donated approximately generously to the university and supported several initiatives including the “Littlefield Fund for Southern History” project, and the construction of the Littlefield Residence Hall and the Littlefield Fountain.

What Did the Hull House Do?

As one of the first social settlement in the United States, Hull House focused primarily on the provision of community services to relieve social problems. That said, the settlement was primarily focused on three R’s as outlined by Addams: residence, research, and reform.

Haunted History of Felt Mansion in Saugatuck, Michigan

Construction of the infamous Felt Mansion began in 1925 when Dorr E. Felt purchased pieces of land in Laketown Township, Michigan. Felt was a businessman who struck it rich with the invention of Comptograph, a key-driven mechanical calculator. After visiting the Saugatuck area during a roadtrip, the Felt family (consisting of Felt, his wife Agnes, and their four daughters) decided to settle down in Laketown Township. Felt soon purchased over a thousand acres of dune land to construct his dream farm.

Is the Omni Parker House in Boston Haunted? | Massachusetts

Over the years, Omni Parker House has developed a notorious reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in Maine. Countless guests who have checked in to the historic hotel have reported inexplicable events happening along the hallways as well as the rooms.

Hauntings in Emlen Physick Estate

Emlen Physick Estate is said to be haunted by Dr. Emlen Physick, his mother Frances Ralston, and maiden Aunt Emilie Parmentier. On many ocassions, tourists visiting the mansion have reported seeing dark apparitions zooming down the hallway. Footsteps and the inexplicable voice of a young child can also be heard in the common area of the house.