Haunted Places in Colorado

hotel colorado courtyard

Haunted History of Hotel Colorado

Over the past few decades, guests and staffs of Hotel Colorado have reported countless inexplicable events that have deemed the hotel to be one of the most haunted building in Glenwood Springs. Some of the paranormal happening includes the ghost of a young girl, dark shadows along the hotel’s hallway, cold spots, and unexplainable voices. Unsurprisingly, Hotel Colorado was once the site of a hospital for the U.S. Navy and a rumored murder scene. Hence, it is without a doubt that the hotel is haunted by former residents who have stayed on long after their death.

molly brown house 1889

Ghosts of Molly Brown House

Many believe that Molly Brown house is haunted by the Brown couple. On numerous occasions, visitors and staffs of Molly Brown Museum have smelled the faint scent of a pipe in spite of rules prohibiting smoking within the grounds of the site. It is said that Molly Brown’s husband J.J. Brown loved to smoke out of his pipe. Employees working in the museum also claims that the ghost of a lady in a Victorian dress haunts the mansion. The ghost, believed to be Molly Brown, is said to be responsible for the unexplainable rearrangement of furnitures in the first floor living room.

Interior of room 217 in Stanley Hotel in 1911

Haunted Room 217 in Stanley Hotel, Colorado

During an electrical outage in 1911, chambermaid Elizabeth Wilson stepped into Stanley Hotel’s Presidential Suite (Room 217) with a lit candle when an unknown gas leak in the room caused a massive explosion.