Curtis House Inn facade

Is the Curtis House Inn Haunted?

Over the years, numerous visitors and staffs of the Curtis House Inn in Woodbury, Connecticut, have reported paranormal activities happening in the historic property. Most of the entities encountered in the inn are former owners and employees who have continued to linger in the inn long after their passing.

New London Ledge Lighthouse facade

Tours to New London Ledge Lighthouse | Connecticut

The most infamous story regarding New London Ledge Lighthouse (also known as Ledge Light) is perhaps the ghost of Ernie. Legend says that Ernie, a former keeper of the lighthouse, committed suicide on the island after a squabble with her girlfriend. According to a spiritual session by two psychics Roger and Nancy Pile, Ernie had killed himself by cutting his throat with a fishing knife before falling into the ocean from the roof of the tower. His body was never found.