betsy ross house today

Interesting Facts about Betsy Ross House

The Betsy Ross House is a historical landmark famed for being the place where flag-maker Betsy Ross sewed the country’s first American Flag. The historic residence is also colloquially referred to as the “Birthplace of the Old Glory,” where “Old Glory” is the nickname for the flag of the United States.

farnsworth house inn

Haunted Rooms of Farnsworth House Inn

Several rooms in Farnsworth House Inn are known to be haunted by former residents of the property. The most active room in the entire property is said to a bedroom located on the second floor. Nicknamed “Sara Black Room”, spirits are known to manifest as physical forms in the room.

old photo of Jean Bonnet Tavern

Haunted History of Jean Bonnet Tavern

Located at Bedford, Pennsylvania on the junction of U.S. Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) and Pennsylvania Route 31, the historic Jean Bonnet Tavern (also known as the Old Forks Inn or Bonnet’s Tavern) has captivated paranormal investigators and locals with its longstanding history and reputed hauntings. The building was believed to be built around 1762 when Indian trader Robert Callender acquired the surrounding land. The place was used as a trading post and Callender’s residence.

historic hotel Bethlehem facade

Ghosts of Hotel Bethlehem

Hotel Bethlehem (also known as Historic Hotel Bethlehem) dates back to 1921 when it was commissioned by Bethlehem Hotel Corporation. The hotel is located at 437 Main St., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and sits on the land where “The Golden Eagle” hotel once stood. In 1823, The Golden Eagle was demolished to make way for the newer “The Eagle” hotel. The site was also formerly the grounds of Moravian missionaries’ famous log house, the First House of Bethlehem.

Logan Inn facade

Haunted Logan Inn in New Hope | Pennsylvania

Room 6, said to be haunted by Emily Lutz, have been widely recognized by staffs and guests of the hotel as a ‘hot spot’ for paranormal activity. Emily, son of former owner Carl Lutz, was said to have passed away in room 6 due to old age.

Eastern State Penitentiary cellblock

The Terrifying Eastern State Penitentiary Death Ledger

The Eastern State Penitentiary was famous for it was built at a staggering cost of $780,000 (today’s equivalent of over $18 million) and utilized the radical separate system (also called the Pennsylvania system) that advocated the instillment of remorse and penitence among criminals through separate confinement and regular visits by the warden and overseer