Vinoy Renaissance Resort entrance

Hauntings at Vinoy Renaissance Resort | Florida

Apart from its rich history, Vinoy Renaissance Resort has had an old reputation for paranormal activities since the 1950s. The sports industry, particuarly the baseball teams, has been a leading victim of such strange events as the hotel was the primary choice for many Major League Baseball (MLB) teams visiting St. Petersburg.

Robert the doll sailor

How Old Is Robert the Doll? [2022]

As of 2021, Robert the Doll is 117 years old, making it one of the oldest haunted doll in the United States. The toy was a birthday gift from the grandfather of Robert Eugene Otto, an author and painter, who purchased it in 1904 while on a trip in Germany. An alternate version of the legend says that a young girl of Bahamian descent gave Otto the doll when he was 4-years-old as a friendship gift, albeit a cursed one.

Devil tree oak hammock park

Directions to Devil’s Tree in Oak Hammock Park, Port St. Lucie

To get to Devil’s Tree, walk along the canal on the right of Oak Hammock Park’s parking lot. Walk past the little stream on the left and make sure that you do not turn left into the path. Continue along the path of the canal till you see an opening in the forest. Turn left into the trail and and the Devil’s Tree is just a couple minutes away. The imposing tree is located on the left of the trail and is easily identified by the knot (also known as a burl) on its trunk and oversized branches. The trunk is also covered with burn marks and cuts left by visitors.

lady on St Augustine Lighthouse

Ghost Hunters at St Augustine Lighthouse

The infamous St Augustine Lighthouse Man in Blue is known to be a mischievous spirit that would taunt visitors and workers of the lighthouse. Nicknamed the “Man in Blue” because of its ghastly appearance in a blue overalls, the ghost is said to be the restless spirit of Joseph Andreu, a former keeper of the lighthouse. Andreu, an avid pipe smoker, fell 60 feet to his death in 1859 during a routine paint job on the outside of the tower; the scaffolding he was standing on collapsed